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Price Comparison Shopping > Add A Site and Miva ( have partnered to help you increase traffic to your website(s). Get up to 500 qualified visitors to YOUR website for only $25! is a fast-growing search engine currently serving over 300 million searches per month! To receive the top position in the search results, you simply bid the highest amount for the spot you want; and best of all, you only pay for ACTUAL TRAFFIC! If you're familiar with Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing (, it works much the same way.

The benefit to you is that because is newer, the cost to bid for each position is much less. Plus, bidding is as low as 5 cents, which means you get top-quality, targeted visitors for as little as a nickel each.

Best of all, when you bid on the relevant search phrase at, your link is also added to the appropriate page of!

All you have to do is bid within the top 10 positions of the appropriate search phrase, and your link will appear in the 'More Phrase Links' section of the relevant page on For example, to be listed on the 'Car Insurance' page of, you need to bid within the top 10 positions at for the keyword 'Car Insurance'. Once you do this, your link will appear in the 'More Car Insurance Links' section on the Car Insurance page.

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